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"If we consider the educational treatment as we can be such children in our homes given, we realize how much they amount again only one attempt at improvement of life and order of life, without being able to ignite the spark in the first place, the force to hergäbe to experience all the sense Sometimes the education may move towards on this one;. but she knows it too little clearly, they feel it myself not in its full urgency and can not get through, so she is itself too little covered by it. . The educators in the home have probably themselves what they should give to the child in such a situation, but they have long since taken in forms that are only their own lives properly, a measured, moderate, pacified life you have probably had similar experiences. and have it passed, but never met them in such devastating force, and therefore their own emotion is not enough to connect with the needs of the child entrusted to them. Only with a gentle glow they try to act where it would require a blazing fire blight to be able to help ... If we want to help such a child, we must descend into the incompleteness of his youth, so we have to forget our ready-made solutions of the riddle of life so we should not be too bad, in entitled in his depravity and his aberrations, as if they were ours, and must be willing to go all the way under these we often almost seem hopeless conditions with the child again, again to search. As long as we are not as strong seized with the plight of the child, as himself, as long as it does not make us restless and despair drives as long as we do not despair with the child, as long as we try in vain to show the child how to despair endures and overcomes.

How many children we encounter that experienced much more, much more experienced, to endure a lot more and have wade, as we were ever imposed on us who come from happy childhood, always came up to the problems until the ripe old age, to a good education, a skilled talent, have a happy disposition. Do we want to help them, then we must above all know this, that we most of what we want to give them myself only to learn still have in each individual case all over again." (Source: Paul Moor, "Umwelt, Mitwelt, Heimat", Moor Garden Verlag, Zurich, 1963, p 212 f)

Is this possible? The claim of Paul Moor can be reached extremely high and certainly hardly consistent. To move it, piece by piece, therefore, a permanent reflection of the own trade and own attitude is necessary. Paul Moor devoted this need several separate chapters in his books: "From the self-education of the educator"