Find ways - withstand?

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There is now this child with so-called "challenging behavior". And the more I respect, commitment, promises offering, the more increases the behavior. So it all wrong? Not at all! In children, which massive relationship crashes behind them, which get more and more rejection because of their behavior, I have to assume that these if their experiences simply can not believe when you meet them that way. They are (unfortunately!) Usually accustomed to but then at some point, the point comes at which they are rejected because of their behavior. To spare yourself disappointment and renewed "their theory" (or work experience) to confirm, you are looking for this item (which yes has to come!), Provoke him, driving more and more "guns" on.

But how does one of these? And it is at all possible, such a child to adopt, as described above? Without wholesale?

I think so, and it's worth it! Sure, it is often laborious and perhaps also touched time and again its own borders. But if we do not always hand suffice - then who? The child comes solely from this circle barely.

The decisive factor is sure that you know yourself accepted. Without wholesale. With its possibilities and limitations. I myself scoop this necessary strength from my Christian faith and the certainty of being worn in this often difficult match situations and also not to have everything in hand and must have. 

In my view it is important also, open to others and for new ways to remain, even to think outside the box. Time and again to throw concepts overboard and to check his own ideas.

Therefore, the conclusion again  Paul Moor pinch of these children: