Cause and effect? - ● Environment and learning

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Behavior - even behavior problems - is often a response to an (inappropriate) environment. Over- or under-exposure, uncertainty, unclear structures, communication difficulties or -misunderstanding  evoke appropriate responses, which might seem incomprehensible and meaningless for us. For those but they are often subjective sense, a competence, a coping strategy. In this sense, this behavior is often learned in the interaction with the environment and the original trigger sometimes no longer immediately recognizable. Here it is important to open up the subjective sense. This is often not easy. It is also time to think about "cross", allowing "unorthodox" explanatory models and back to make our own logic. For example, one wonders why anyone maintains a certain behavior, although it is perhaps ever sanctioned, punished. And perhaps fails to recognize that the person who receives attention and response. In a negative way, but if it becomes otherwise suffers from a defect in this basic need, this may be (currently) the only possible for him to satisfy this need.

In order to approach the subjective meaning of a behavior, I go to my company from certain basic assumptions made.