Henri Boulad SJ


(Born August 28, 1931 in Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian-Lebanese Jesuit, mystic and author.

From 1984 to 1995 he was head of Caritas in Egypt, 1991-1995 Vice President of Caritas International.

In his books and lectures over again is also the image of man in the foreground, the image that I have of my counterpart or am.

This has inspired me again and made thoughtfully.

"And this view, I have for the people of this faith in man, revealed to him his own nature! This belief, which I have in him, brings him to the flowering of what is hidden in it. This golden grains divinity, . that is hiding in him begins to grow The way I look at the people, the way I look at him, gives him confidence and allows him to be who he is potentially - in other words. Before is still an action for humans, our charity is a faith in man! Before she is still on the campaign, it is a confidence!

Frequently our charity consists of a social action: We will give her something: money, food, clothing.Giving is always a good thing, but at its best it, a man can give himself to to be to allow him to what he has always been in its depth dimension already is! This is the highest form of charity. It is not the "charity of having" but the "charity of Being." "(Source:  H Boulad." Mystical experience and social commitment ", Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg-Vienna, 1997, page 80f)

Father Boulad warned repeatedly to social conditions and advocates for a change. With his letter "SOS for the Church today" (2007) to Pope Benedict XVI he reminded the audience to reconsider their views of the Catholic Church, the "Way of Hope" he stands up for a global change. In this context also be set (which certainly also applies to dealing with difficult behavior) is:

"Not the way is impossible, the impossible is the way"