Barbara Senckel

Dr. phil., Dipl psychologist

Dr. Senckel continues in her work with the development of people with disabilities apart. In their practical work they had to state that in the accompaniment of disabled people is indeed often paid to the cognitive and motor development, people will be picked up there, "where they stand". At the same time they noted that the emotional state of development, the development of "I" is often insufficiently taken into account. Based on extensive theoretical and practical experience they developed jointly with Ulrike LUXEN the concept of a "development-friendly relationships"

Based on an extensive survey of the development status of a person, her biography and the consideration of the context in which she lives, the relationship should be made ​​to it so that it is geared to their needs and to their level leads maturation.

For this they developed a method, which is characterized by appreciation, mindfulness, empathy and the willingness to engage on the level of the opponent.

My personal experiences show that it is possible by such a relationship offer to release blockages, eliminate development gaps and understand so-called "problem behavior" on the one hand and on the other hand can be found on this basis, new ways to make together with the opposite on the way , further information, see