Basic assumptions - doubt?

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My work is based on a Christian conception of man, which includes the respect and appreciation of every creature. From the understanding out that 'disability' is a variant of human life, the human being, loved willed with disabilities and completely by God and accepted for me. He needs no improvement.

I myself know of God and carried me out. I know that I am accepted from him. With my abilities and limitations with my mistakes and shortcomings. And in my work, I know that I cannot achieve anything and must, can not have all the answers and needs. That means for me that I can deliver. In HIS hand.

I am convinced that God is so great that he has a way to him for every human being. In this sense, I see the interreligious and intercultural dialogue as an enrichment and am grateful for each exchange. Within an intercultural and interreligious education I want children and young people enable them to meet each other in openness, interest and tolerance to perceive similarities and also what separates to endure.

To his goal of accompaniment is the development of trust and security, affirmed and accepted without advance payment. In this case, such monitoring constitutes an offer.