Thoughts on the encounter ...

Conduct disorder, oppositional behavior, problem behavior ... terms that are used repeatedly, to name that differs from our expectations behavior in our children.

Autism, autistic traits, Autismus spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD ... also terms - sometimes already labels - for people who are "different".

During my many years as Social care worker I accompanied many of these minors a part on their way. It was always important for me to understand behavior. It's about understanding that behavior - whichever - communication and - pursuing positive purpose - for the person concerned.Us and other disruptive behavior, behavior that the child or young person makes it difficult to life in society and what it might also himself and his development "in the way", can not in my view simply "treat away". Therefore, it is important to stay together on the path to explore, to join hands and work together to find other ways.

"It could not be that everything he or she does, only the attempt, the desperate attempt be heard and be seen, it is terribly painful to go down and not to be Overlooked By contrast, we all fight?.. - each and every one in their own way. Can you take it amiss someone who fights desperately that he thereby also occasionally in order to propose? " (Ulrich Schaffer: "In der Dichte des Lebens", Verlag Herder Freiburg, 2003)

As varied as the causes of so-called "problem behavior" can be, so important is also their precise clarification before an intervention. So it is important to exclude physical or psychological causes, and subsequently to approach the causes by means of close observation and different explanatory models. In my experience, problematic behavior often arises from a combination of different reasons, that their life experiences and backgrounds, also in the environment variables and structures on the one hand and in the person himself. Only then can access various educational and / or therapeutic approaches to influence behavior. For further information see cause and effect?